Gentler: Approach to FitnessGentler: Approach to Fitness

We humanize activity data for better control of your well-being

Gentler translates raw numbers into meaningful words. It shows your progress, hints when to slow down, step up or rest. Check your daily condition in the morning and plan your day around it!

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Gentler: Approach to Fitness Main Screen

Your Real-Time Body Fitness

  • Mirroring Your Condition

    Yorhart, your Gentler’s activity guide, always reflects the condition you are in. Know at a glance how your body feels here and now, and plan from there.

  • Making Sense of Data

    Gain from a thoughtful summary of your daily physical condition. It is your activity data digested and explained in an accessible, understandable, and actionable manner.

  • Promoting a Balanced Approach

    Your Activity Cloud shows how much effort you put into recent activities and their effect on your current body fitness. It’s an incentive to plan your next step: to move more, less, or take a rest.

All Your Activities in One Place

All Your Activities in One Place

  • Activity Hub

    Quickly grasp the number of activities you’ve done per chosen period (month/year/all-time) and their main cumulative stats.

  • Workout Summary

    A concise summary of each workout you have ever logged in is only a tap away.

  • Heart Rate Zones

    See how much time you spent in a particular heart rate zone, and bring the awareness into your future activity approach.

  • Calories Burned

    Food equivalents help you gain a better understanding of how many calories you’ve burned with a workout.

Experience Tailored to Your Body

Tailored to Your Needs

  • Relevant Guidance

    Benefit from short, actionable insights that bring relevant topics to your fingertips. On Home, you get articles that matter to you at that moment.

  • When Life Gets in the Way

    Avoid feeling guilty when circumstances are not in your favor. Set the status (Injured, Sick, or On a Break), and kindly permit yourself enough time to rest and recover.

No Activity Left Behind

Gentler fetches activity data from Apple Health, so you can keep using the tracking apps you know and love. Summary of every workout you have ever logged is here to feed your curiosity.

Works with Apple Health Watches
Yorhart as Couch Potato

To Couch or Not to Couch?

Stop the dilemma and get Gentler: Approach to Fitness from the App Store soon.